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If you see Select Province after clicking on the vehicle manufacturer, select Alberta .
Also, when entering the Postal code, enter T6J 6J3 .

Limited to 5 units!

50% off commission on vehicle import campaign is underway!

We will inform you of the details when you contact us, so we look forward to hearing from you!

☑ Looking for a reimported car that is not sold in Japan
☑ I want to ride a North American car
☑ I'm worried about the total amount up to registration
☑ I want to do personal import, but I'm worried if I can do it
☑ What about gas inspection and acceleration sound inspection?
☑ I live abroad and want to take home the car I'm using locally

There is nothing difficult!
Please feel free to contact us first!

We will give you a free quote!

​Flow from vehicle order to delivery

① Vehicle search, quotation creation
(We are looking for the car you want, and feel free to ask any questions.)

​② Export procedure
(Make an export request and head to Japan by Ro-Ro ship)


④ Delivery
(Thank you very much for your patience! The car will be delivered after new registration)

③ Arrive in Japan
(Customs clearance, preparation of documents required for registration, acquisition of gas inspection, preparation of necessary documents)


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